Empowering Charity Leaders to Achieve Change

Empathetic, solution-focused coaching supporting you to realise your personal and professional goals

Leading with resilience and confidence

Leading a charity requires a unique set of skills, commitment, and drive and can be amazingly rewarding. You commit to the cause and find the resilience and confidence to overcome challenges because you want to make a difference.

Investing in 1-1 coaching with a personal and professional performance coach who understands the role that you do and is empathetic to the many challenges you face can support you focus on your:

  • Personal Goals & Growth: Time to focus on your aspirations and support you to take steps forward to achieve your personal goals.
  • Resilience & Adaptability: Providing a supportive space for you to build creative coping strategies to respond to challenges and opportunities, avoiding overwhelm and burn-out.
  • Team Empowerment: Tools and techniques to build effective team communication, motivation, and delegation to achieve organisational goals.
  • Confidence Building: Reflection on your leadership style and skills, bolstering your confidence in your abilities and recognising the strengths you hold.
  • Positive Personal Well-being: Prioritising your own well-being, or work-life balance alongside the drive for organisational success.

A compassionate and considered coaching partner

Whether it is investing in your own self-care, personal performance, and positive well-being, or drawing on your strengths, skills, and strategies to solve a practical organisational need, I will provide you with a confidential, safe professional space to have the thinking time to work through the challenges that you face. You can be your authentic self and work ‘one-to-one’ with a straight-talking, empathetic coach.

I will actively listen, seek to understand, and support you to enhance your positive well-being, taking time for self-care, alongside building solution-focused ways forward to achieve your goals.


Invest in Yourself
1-1 Coaching for Charity Leaders

  • Individual DISC Personality & Communication Profiling
  • Targeting A Specific Goal Coaching
  • Spotlight on Building Skills & Strengths Coaching
  • Deep Dive Development Coaching
  • Pay As You Go Coaching

Supporting Charities
Invest in Your Team

  • Group DISC Personality & Communication Profiling
  • Sponsorship of 1-1 Coaching for Team Members
  • Bespoke Activities to Meet Your Organisation Needs

Contact me for your free introductory session

Pragmatic and experienced coach

I am a successful C-suite leader with 20 years of experience working with the charity sector leading change management in health and social environments. I understand what it feels like to dig deep and find the strength, self-belief, skills, courage, and confidence needed to drive forward change and achieve your goals. 

If you are looking for an approachable, proven coach qualified to International Coaching Federation (ICF) standards, who will challenge and support you with a direct, no-nonsense but empathetic style, then I would genuinely be privileged to work with you.